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Disana Wool and Silk Nursing Pads

Disana Wool and Silk Nursing Pads

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Disana's organic wool and silk nursing pads are made from a layer of organic wool in between 2 layers of raw silk. The raw silk soothes and heals tender breast tissue while the wool absorbs excess milk, keeping your breasts comfortable and dry while you are out, or nesting at home. 

Silk is naturally anti-inflammatory to sore and cracked nipples and wool is antimicrobial.

Nursing pads are often a necessity for new mamas, and can be a sweet addition to a special mama gift. So nice for the early weeks!

The nursing pads come in pairs.


Soft Merino Wool

Raw material: China; Spinning: Italy; Processing; Disana, Germany

Brand Info


We believe in pure, unspoiled nature right from the moment we select our raw materials. Only organic cotton and organic pure new Merino wool which has been independently inspected and certified is used for our disana articles.

We are not only concerned about avoiding contaminants in the fibers of our thread: people’s living conditions and environmental protection in the countries where they are cultivated are also important criteria we bear equal responsibility for, just like all the other links in the production chain.

We are a founding member of the International Association of Natural Textiles (IVN) and are committed to adhering to its guidelines for natural textile production; these are recognized as the most comprehensive, strictest guidelines in the world.

Size Guide

There are two sizes; sized can be chosen based on breast size, or when you will be wearing them. For at night time, we would recommend going with the bigger set, especially for the early months of breast-feeding and the new mom is still regulating. The smaller size is good for every day wear and are easy to hide in nursing wear if the mama has averaged to small breasts. For a larger breasted woman, either would work beautifully for day or night.

Care Instructions

Easy hand washing.

We recommend haveing 2 sets so one can be washed and dried while the other is in use.

We recommend using Disana's Wool Shampoo.

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