Sustainable, Beautiful, Nature Inspired

Welcome to Nature's Wild Child, we hope you enjoy our collection of natural fiber clothing as much as we do. Our mission is to provide you and your little ones with the highest quality, purest, toxin free clothing and accessories that are not only beautiful but comfortable. 

From nature, for Nature's Wild Child.

Our Story

Hello, Mama Jones here, with two little ones, and a big love for nature. We have a passion for living an eco-conscious lifestyle that feels in tune with nature. A passion that has prompted us to dig in, and take the challenge to dress our family in clothing that is sustainable and/or produced in balance with nature; natural in origin, and made without chemicals (that can disrupt ecosystems or little bodies).

But why do it alone?

We human's are community oriented creatures, and thus Nature's Wild Child LLC was born. Where we carefully curate comfortable and play friendly, natural fiber, ecological clothing and lifestyle items for babies, children and a few select items for adults.

We invite you to explore our carefully chosen brands that are authentic in making efforts for nature, and our little ones. Join our community of likeminded families on the journey to a more harmonious and healthy planet, one layer at a time.