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Ruskovilla - Organic Merino Diaper Cover - Pants

Ruskovilla - Organic Merino Diaper Cover - Pants

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Ruskovilla's 100 percent organic merino wool diaper pants are beautiful and functional. The super soft and stretchy rib knit hugs and protects your baby and allows for a full range of movements during activity.

- GOTS certified organic rib knit

- Stretchy and thick rib knit fabric

- Double knit fabric with smooth seems

- Tall waist to keep tummies and little kidneys covered and protected (also for diaper leak prevention!)

The waist can be rolled up to adjust the size

- Pure wool keeps you warm even when damp, neutralizes odors and doesn’t require frequent washing.

- Naturally antimicrobial - when lanolized regularly these pants only need to be aired in between uses

- Functional as an every day pant - just add a top for a cute and minimalist look (so smart!)

- Thick rib knit protects the knees of little crawler and doesn't wear through easily

- Sized to last making these a great investment - each size lasts for a year of wear!

These diaper pants are so nice. The fabric is thick and stretchy, yet beautiful all at the same time. These are really special diaper pants that are a tried and true favorite among wool diapering enthusiasts. 



GOTS certified organic merino wool

Wool: Argentina and Uruguay - mulesing free
Made in Finland

Brand Info

Skin is our largest organ and via its two-way pores for example all the chemical particles in our clothing can enter our bodies. Therefore, it is important what we put on our skin.

From the beginning we at Ruskovilla have believed that natural fibers are the best thing we can offer to our skin. For millennia mother nature has been our most important product developer and created each natural fiber its unique features for different uses.

The wool, silk and cotton we use in our clothes and accessories are all certified organic. Our materials come from long-term responsible suppliers, and in order to gain their certificate they have to take excellent care of not only nature but also their workers.

The richness of the soil and ecosystem has to be maintained by utilizing crop rotation and avoiding monoculture. The absence of any substances harmful to nature means that the products are also safe for us humans.

Made in Finland since 1981

Size Guide

60 - 0-1 years
80 - 1-2 years

Care Instructions

No washing is require before the first use.

Hand wash or wash in the machine on a the wool wash setting. It is very important that you wash and rinse water stay the same - the the fabric is not "shocked" - which can cause felting.

Use a gentle wool detergent designed for babies like Disana's wool wash.

Re-lanolize as needed - every 2-4 week depending on how saturated they get during wear. If your baby is saturating them often then we recommend re-lanolizing every 2 weeks or when ever they are needing a bath.

Spot clean with Disana's ox-gall stain remover! This keeps them looking fresh.

Air dry flat - you can reshape them when wet. Roll in a dry bath towel to remove excess water.

With any new wool diaper cover - their ability to hold fluid increased after the first few weeks. To expedite this process you can pre-wash them for this reason.

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