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Pure Pure - Organic Wool Fleece Mittens for Adults

Pure Pure - Organic Wool Fleece Mittens for Adults

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Pure Pure's organic wool fleece mittens are super soft and cozy. 

- 100 percent Organic Merino Fleece

- Thermoregulating for cozy comfort

- Wool absorb moisture so hands don't feel sweaty if you are active

- Dirt resistant for less need of washing

- Cozy warmth for cool to cold days 

- Perfect for everyday activities, winter walks, icy steering wheels, and even xc ski trips!

- A smart design; lightweight, comfortable and functional 

We love these adult mittens and want to gift them to everyone we know so we can share the love. Just the cuddliest mittens - so easy to wear.


100% GOTS organic wool fleece

Brand Info

Pure naturalness plus pure quality equals PURE PURE – caps, hats, children’s clothing and more.
Because it is pure pleasure to combine fashion and environmental awareness with a desire for fresh design.

For us, nature is more than just a word.
Respectful treatment of nature and people is our passion. The GOTS-certification proves that we reach for the most ambitious goals in terms of ecology, sustainability and fairness.

Sustainability, transparency and fairness are our hallmarks. Since 2013, we have been the first GOTS-certified hat manufacturer. We are proud to meet these strict ecological and social standards from the production of our raw materials to the conditions throughout the entire manufacturing chain.

Organic – Whether rugged or extra fine qualities: natural materials simply feel good.
And we are convinced that the use of renewable materials is the best way to fulfill our responsibility towards our environment.

Size Guide

We recommend ordering the size you normally wear in US sizes XS-XXL

Over time the wool fleece mittens will conform to your hand as they stretch and reshape from moisture.

Care Instructions

Hand wash with care using a baby safe wool shampoo.

You may also wash these on your wool wash setting on your wash machine, but please use care - as every machine is different! (Make sure you wash and rinse water temps will be the same! - when in doubt use cold).

Luckily these need minimal washing do to their natural resistance to dirt and smells.

Check out our Disana wool wash!

Does not need to be washed before wear.

To Hand Wash:
- Add cool to cold water to a sink or tub
- Add wool wash and swirl into water
- Add item and lightly swish through the water, and twirl it around, pressing the item into the basin and out again.
- If there are spots - you can use the ox-gall wool stain remover made by Disana for easy cleaning. You can also very gently add soap to those special area and lightly rub it in.
- After a satisfactory washing, rinse it out with water that is the same water temp as your wash water (please don't shock your woolies with big temp changes!)
- Roll in a bath towel, step on the bath towel and lay flat to dry.

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