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My Alpaca Copenhagen - Alpaca Baby and Kids Sweater (3 colors)

My Alpaca Copenhagen - Alpaca Baby and Kids Sweater (3 colors)

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My Alpaca Copenhagen's Karim Sweater is so incredibly soft and well made it will become a go-to winter classic for your little ones. Made from ethically collected baby alpaca wool (not from baby alpaca but from the first sheer) for one of the softest sweaters available.

- Ethically made from 100% baby alpaca fibers

- Exceptionally made

- Made from a cooperative of Peruvian Woman - that provides excellent benefits

- Beautiful Nordic design

- Stretchy large rib knit - accommodates growth beautifully

- Naturally anti-microbial

- Warmer than merino due the hollow nature of alpaca fibers, yet still temperature regulating

- Pulls moisture away from your little ones skin for superior thermoregulation

- A lovely, nordic fisherman's sweater design

- Designed to span growth over more than 1 year - adding value to this beautiful sweater

We love these little sweaters! They are so soft and floppy - you really have to feel them to believe it. This design is especially sweet because you can roll the sleeves for extra growth and get an extra year from them. They do run slightly long for this reason.

**There are matching leggings in size 92 that can be worn form 12 months to 3 years!***


100% Baby Alpaca
Baby Alpaca is from the first sheer of the year, and not from little baby alpacas - it is softer and stronger.

Responsibly sourced from Alpacas living in large, traditional open spaces. The animals are sheered with skill and care from those tending to these precious animals.

Woven and Knitted by skilled woman in a Peruvian Cooperative that offers very good wages and excellent benefits.

Brand Info

All garments are handmade by skilled and organised groups of Peruvian women, following strict quality standards. We are happy to train and work with groups of women, promoting better livelihoods for them and their families. We use only fair-trade practices.

Our knitters are proud of their long Peruvian knitting and handcraft tradition and they appreciate our strong social focus and the fact that my alpaca Copenhagen gives them the opportunity to have an income, learn more, and still be able to take care of their home and family.

Most of our products are handmade and we take special care in promoting the use of alpaca fibres in their natural shades of whites, browns and greys, which means no use of dyes. We also work with dyed fibres but only under low impact processes, perfect for those concerned about toxins and for those with sensitive skin.

Designed in Denmark

Size Guide

We do feel these run with room to grow. They have a little extra length in the arms and body to accommodate growth.

We feel you could add one more year to each age range. No need to size up.

We feel they still look really nice, even if a bit big due to the thick rib knit that is both slimming and stretchy. This adds value to these beautifully made sweaters as it potentially adds years of wear for one child, and then can be passed to the next.

Care Instructions

Hand wash with care.

There is no need to wash before the first wear.

Please choose a wool wash, like Disana's wool wash that is safe for little ones.

Do not use a wool wash that contains lanolin, it is not necessary as Alpaca fibers do not need lanolin to be anti-microbial.

You may only need to spot clean and air the item out.

Hand wash in the sink with cool water. Gently swirl the garment and dunk it in the soapy water. Do not soak. Rinse with the same temp water as the wash water.

Roll in a towel and step on it to remove excess water, and air dry flat. You can reshape at this time if needed.

For ease we recommend not waiting to do a really big wool wash operation, we suggest doing the piece as needed. It will actually save you time and get your little ones back in their favorites faster.

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