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Grodo - Organic Wool Baby Socks - All Season

Grodo - Organic Wool Baby Socks - All Season

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Grodo's 100 percent organic wool baby socks are soft, comfortable and stay on! These beautiful socks keep little feet comfortably regulated in all temperatures.

- 100 percent GOTS organic wool 

- Small elastic threads on the cuff and ankle of the sock - keep them on!

- Sits comfortably on the calf - perfect for sweet squishy baby legs!

- Beautiful fine knit

- Warm and Cozy, yet cool and comfortable in all seasons!

- Do not need to be washed often! Wool socks can be aired to freshen them up, washing is minimally needed, unless soiled. 

- Naturally anti-microbial for fresh and comfortable feet

We absolutely adore these baby socks. They are beautiful, with a fine knit, comfortable knit that will be perfect year round.  If you have tried 100 percent untreated wool socks you know the difference. If you haven't tried them -untreated (by super wash/chemically treated) virgin wool socks have a radiant warmth and comfortable coolness when it is warm that is so comforting to the body - making them perfect for babies. 


100 percent GOTS organic wool from South American Merino Sheep

Tiny elastic bands are woven into the sock at the top and around the ankle to prevent slippage.

Ethically made in Germany

Brand Info

The company Wilhelm Grözinger Strumpffabrik GmbH was founded in 1924 in Dornhan in the Black Forest. Since 1982 we have been intensively involved in the production of hosiery made from pure natural fibers. We are passionate about developing the highest quality products, which we implement with our philosophy “In harmony with people, the environment and wearing comfort”. From the smallest beginnings, we have developed this natural collection for babies, children and adults into today's collection size. For this production we use excellent yarns that are dyed exclusively in Germany and produced in Europe. In our natural collection we exclusively use cotton from controlled organic farming and virgin wool, most of which comes from controlled organic animal husbandry. We sell this collection under the Grödo Stocking Collection brand. Grödo has been an IVN member for 20 years and over 80% of our products are GOTS certified.

Size Guide

Size 0: 0-6 months
Size 1: 6-12 months
Size 2: 12-24 months

Care Instructions

Hand wash with a quality wool wash (like Disana's wool wash). Use the same temperature wash water as the rinse water - ideally cool to lukewarm water.

Roll in a towel to press our water.

Air dry.

Untreated, virgin wool socks (without super wash or plasticizers) - need much less washing than traditional socks. They can be rotated and washed about once a month if needed.

For the longevity of wool socks we recommend rotating them. We have found that having 3 pairs of wool socks is ideal for a longer lasting wool sock rotation. Letting them air and "rest" in between wears adds to their longevity.

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