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Engel - Organic Merino Terry Baby Jacket

Engel - Organic Merino Terry Baby Jacket

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Engel's organic merino terry baby jacket is simply adorable. With its pixie hood and soft wool terry this little button up jacket is both a beautiful and functional layer.

- Thermoregulating for retaining the right amount of body heat

- Absorbs and releases moisture to keep your tiny human comfortable

- Soft 100% organic merino terry - loops on the inside and smooth on the outside

- The cutest pixie hood

- Sewn and produced with quality that shows

- Stretchy fabric for longevity and comfort as your child grows 

- Sized generously making them a great investment

- Gets even softer with wear

- Perfect for layering 

- A very special little jack

This little jacket is so adorable, it's even cuter in person! Don't hesitate on this one! We wish it came in bigger sizes!

*The color walnut is a beautiful marl of earthy browns with a touch of grey. It's more beautiful in person.


100% Organic Merino Wool Terry

Certified with the hallmark Global ­Organic Textile Standard (GOTS).

Brand Info


"For the love of our skin and the environment."

We use the finest organic merino virgin wool and natural organic merino virgin wool with silk. All the dyestuffs we use are free from heavy metals and have always been free from harmful AZO-dyes. For colouring our woollen textiles we use only reactive dye, which compounds particularly well with fibre and stands out for its excellent fastness. We abstain from any kind of chemical finishing with our textile processing.

Basically all used agents should be bio-degradable and must not pollute soil, air and water. All the materials used are nickel-free, and our buttons are made from natural, renewable raw materials.

Our philosophy, which we have pursued from the start, is to provide our customers with high-quality, ecologically compatible feel-good products that offer a clear conscience.

We are committed to fair, safe employment for a fair wage, not only in our own company but throughout all the production stages.

Size Guide

European sizes are based on height. So if you child is 98 cm tall you would choose a 98/104. Otherwise you can choose the size based on the size your child is currently fitting into.

Please check the size chart in the photos.

Care Instructions

Untreated wool rarely needs a full wash. Spot cleaning and airing is often sufficient to freshen them up.
Take them in a steamy bathroom when you shower in the morning and by evening they will be super fresh again.

We recommend hand washing for long lasting care, with reduced risk of washing machine mistakes.

Simply wash in a sink with a wool wash, such as our disana wool wash, that is ph balanced and suitable for babies.

For a quick dry, roll in a towel and walk along the roll, then lay flat or hang to dry.

Hand washing takes less time than you might think and is rewarding. It genuinely can feel good to take great care of clothing with a meditative mindset on all of the benefits and beauty of wool clothing.

If you choose to use the wool setting on your wash machine, please make sure that the rinse water will be the same temp as your wash water. Otherwise shrinking may occur do to the temperature change shocking the fibers. When in doubt do a cold wool wash with a cold rinse with low spin speed.

Always air dry.

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Customer Reviews

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Ann Marie explained that this jacket would be great to wear in the cool summer time. When I got it, I got a bigger size thinking that baby will grow into it but it was to big to wear as he was learning to crawl and the jacket would ride up. If I were to buy it, I would get the proper age size rather than sizing up.

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