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Cosilana - Organic Wool Silk - Baby Pants With Cuffs

Cosilana - Organic Wool Silk - Baby Pants With Cuffs

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Cosilana's baby pants are made of combination of wool and silk for supreme breathability and comfort. Your little one will enjoy all the silky softness of this adorable combination. 

- 70% organic merino and 30% mulberry silk

- All the benefits of wool and silk's thermoregulation properties

- Super soft and not scratchy

- Optional fold over foot cuffs for extra cozy warmth when you need it

- Helps small babies maintain their body temperatures

- Tall waist to cover little kidneys

- Naturally Anti-bacterial and Dirt Resistant

- Perfect for sensitive baby skin

- Great for every day wear or layering all year

- Beautiful and stretchy

- Super comfortable and cuddly for you little one

- Adorable with the matching baby onesies!

- Beyond precious!!


70% organic merino wool, 30% mulberry silk

IVN Best Certified/GOTS certified Organic

Made in Germany by Cosilana

Brand Info


Nature offers us an excellent solution.
Cosilana acts on 100% nature, integrated with environmental consciousness and from a sociological perspective.

Not a trend, but a long term conviction for decades.

We use only materials from controlled ecological cultivation and breeding, which means that there are no chemical pesticides and no other chemical additives. Our production is based on high level and sustainable processes at our location Hechingen at the base of the Swabian Alb.

The results of our production philosophy: a natural air conditioner for our body from cosy, smooth and light garments as children love and need.

We attach importance to continuity and a trustful collaboration.

The basic value of Cosilana “Respectfulness towards the planet and mankind” requires all our attention more than ever.

Size Guide

We feel the sizing is accurate based on the size your child is currently wearing. This lovely fabric is soft and stretchy which adds to their longevity.

Care Instructions

Wash in the machine on a gentle wool wash setting. Make sure the wash temperature is consistent with wash through rinse, when in doubt choose cold.

Or for supreme care, hand wash in lukewarm water, and roll in a towel to remove excess water.

Use a wool friendly detergent.

Air Dry

Please wash with care, and love your special garments.

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