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Un-dyed Wool Vest - Adult

Un-dyed Wool Vest - Adult

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This cozy wool boucle wool vest is perfect for adding a touch of warmth and texture to your daily wardrobe. Kico Label's un-dyed natural wool vest is both beautiful and effortless. And because of its natural color pairs well with many outfits making it a perfect layering addition for your capsule wardrobe. 

- Lovely for shoulder seasons and summer evenings.

- Cute as a casual vest or dressed up! 

- Breathable and temperature regulating.

- Absolutely adorable with the matching children's vest!

This vest is styled to look great on many different body types.

Handmade and fairly produced with love.


Humane collected, Un-dyed Wool Boucle
from a family farm in Poland - where the animals live on a grassy hillside and are treated with care.

Made in Poland with care and consciousness.

Brand Info

Kico Label:
"We want to offer you the purest clothing & accessories you've ever felt on your skin. To do that, we'll delete everything you don't need. Our materials are all 100% natural. We pay special attention to a sustainable process when it comes to production and packaging. All our products are of premium quality and attention is paid to the well-being of people, animals and our planet during production. Working conditions are safe and there is fair trade and wages. The wool comes from Poland. It is produced by a family business where the sheep live on the countyside. It is a family business where the working conditions and the welfare of the animals are of paramount importance".

We only use muslesing free wool.

Good for you and your child, good for the environment.

Size Guide

This vest comes in one size.

It has a style that can look very nice on a range of body types.

For a general recommendation of size ranges, I would suggest it would look great on someone from a 4 to a 14.

As for height, I think it would like great on someone shorter, say 5'2" and up as a longer vest, and I would say for upper range for taller people, 5'11" might be a fair bet to have the bottom hem to be at the top of your hips.

A really cute, light weight yet warm, versatile vest.

Care Instructions

Spot clean and air dry.

When necessary hand wash with cool water and wool shampoo, lay flat or hang to dry out of direct sunlight.

Can be washed on a gentle wool wash setting, but this is done at the discretion of the washer, as washing machines vary in their wool wash settings.

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