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Senger - GOTS Organic Cotton Stuffed Animal - Large Cuddly White Goose

Senger - GOTS Organic Cotton Stuffed Animal - Large Cuddly White Goose

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The Senger large goose is beautifully made of soft organic cotton, and stuffed with organic wool and a spelt hull warming pouch. A rare plastic free and healthy stuffed lovie for your little one. 

- Made with GOTS organic cotton and GOTS organic wool stuffing

- Contains a warming pouch that can be removed by a small zipper and lightly heated which adds extra cosy cuddles and a nice "drape" for perfect hugs. 

- Light weight

- Safe for tiny babies to big kids

- Can be chewed, sucked or snuggled safely with zero concerns of lurking chemicals or plastics

- A heirloom lifetime toy

- Made in Germany

- The cuddly white goose is 31" from beak to tail - a beautiful choice for any age or especially children 3 years and up. This is goose is quite large and amazing!

We love Senger. Their stuffed lovies are gorgeous and so special. If you want to give a child a very special gift - this is it. Kids LOVE these. You can feel the difference, and there is no worry of micro-plastic consumption or plastic dust in your little ones bed. They are an investment into peace of mind, and really happy little ones!


GOTS organic cotton outer

GOTS organic wool stuffing

Spelt hull warming pouch contained within and accessed by a small high quality and durable zipper.

Brand Info


Non-toxic toys for peace of mind.

Senger makes their exquisite stuffed animals elusively by using their own hand weaving machines in Germany.

They take pride in sourcing the highest quality materials for their animals.

Senger animals are green through and through, not just on the outside, but also on the inside.

They buy their wool from "itinerant shepherds who nibble free the Eifel meadows with their herds and keep the Rhine embankments as short as a golf course".

Senger animals are lifetime companions for the young and the young at heart.

The large warming animals are very much loved by adults as well as children.

Size Guide

31 inches long

Care Instructions

Spot clean, or hand wash if necessary.

The warming pouch can be removed and lightly heated in the oven at 170 degrees F for 2 - 3 minutes. The spelt husks warm fast. They hold the heat for only a short amount of time. Because of their airy nature they can also hold the heat simply from cuddles making them feel very good to hold.

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